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Success Stories

A few examples from our M6 Fitness family. Our friends are an inspiration to us, they encourage us and show us what is possible.


Dear Michelle

Thank you for helping me realize that at 46, my physical and mental abilities are well beyond what I could have imagined. I no longer feel the need to find cloths to cover parts of my body I wanted to conceal before. The confidence to go out jeans and a tank top……….priceless. I feel more comfortable in my own skin and finally have my rhythm back!

With Gratitude,


“Obsession doesn’t begin to cover it!! It’s the perfect combination of cardio and strength plus being at the barre you feel super girlie!! The music is always hot and you never question pushing yourself because Michelle’s approach to this type of intense workout is well mastered. She knows the body and knows how to push you to your edge without injury. As a mom of three boys under 4, M6 is my sanity! M6 – the best addiction you’ll ever have!!!!”


Thanks for keeping us fit! 1 in 7 Americans will undergo surgery this year and physical fitness is a strong predictor of a successful outcome. We hit the jackpot thanks to the extensive cardio exercise we get at M6! We feel truly blessed to have world class professional trainers in charge of our daily fitness regimen to keep us enjoying life for years to come. We love M6!!!!

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